Finsbury Park – Draft Brief

The client would like to create a space that inspires individuals and communities, whether local or further removed, to connect with one another in a way that is meaningful and positive, and that generates further and ongoing connection.

The designers would like to create a place that brings people together by stimulating connection within and between communities. This will be fostered by creating an attractive, legible and diverse landscape that is and feels safe and secure, and by allowing for the democratisation of the space and its use. Such will be achieved through considered arrangement of topography, planting, access and circulation. These factors should encourage a variety of programs, including casual as well as organised activities and events. Programs the design will cater for could include but would not be limited to expanded community gardening, fêtes and fairs, food and cultural markets, sports and fitness and after-school clubs.

The designers would like to extend Furtherfield’s gallery space out into the open air of the park and to manipulate its immediate environs such that the gallery features more prominently in the park. A strategy of design should also be implemented that is ecologically sound as well as environmentally and socially sustainable. The connection between FinsburyPark and other green spaces in London should be an essential factor in this endeavour.



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